Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the activities at Skogskyrkogården.


Opening hours
Monday–Thursday 08.00–16.30
Friday 08.00–16.00
Exceptional opening hours
Christmas Eve December 24 – closed
Christmas Day December 25 – closed
Boxing Day December 26 – closed
New Year's Eve December 31 – closed
Telephone 08-508 30 100 (växel)

The Cemetery Administration (kyrkogårdsförvaltningen) is responsible for, among other things:

  • Graves and memorial groves
  • Different burial customs and burial forms
  • Chapels for various types of funeral ceremonies
  • Information and guidance on funeral matters
  • Maintenance and service of graves.

You can find answers to questions about funeral services or individual graves on the Funerals and Cemeteries (Begravning och kyrkogårdar) website:

Photography and filming

All commercial photography and filming requires special permission from the cemetery administration. This also applies to school and art projects. It is not allowed to record commercials or music videos. Funeral ceremonies and burials always have priority. For more information, please contact the cemetery administration.

Visitors center

Visitors Center is open May 2—September 30 at 11am—4pm. In October it’s open on Saturdays and Sundays at 11am—4pm.
Telephone 08-508 31 866

The Stockholm City Museum operates the Visitors Center and is also responsible for:

  • Information about the world heritage site
  • Public activities at Skogskyrkogården
  • Guided tours.

Contact the Stockholm City Museum for visitor information!


Current press materials and images are published in our press room.

Göran Berselius,
Public Relations Officer