The graves at Skogskyrkogården are small and toned down. No grave would be larger than any other to show that all people are equal in the face of death. Photo: Mattias Ek.

Funerals and graves

Before and after a funeral, there are several practical things to consider.

Many difficult questions arise when you lose a loved one. One of the most important is how the deceased will get their final rest. You can read about various practical things you may need to handle on the Funerals and Cemeteries (Begravning och kyrkogårdar) website.

Questions about funerals and grave maintenance

When you have questions about funerals at Skogskyrkogården or about grave maintenance, you should contact the Cemetery Administration (kyrkogårds­förvaltningen) in Stockholm.

Find the grave

The search and map service Find the grave (Hitta graven) helps you find graves in the cemetery.




Opening hours
Monday–Friday 09.00–12.00
Monday–Tuesday 13.00–15.00
Irregular opening hours
Pentecost May 19 – closed
Sweden's National Day June 6 – closed
Telephone 08-508 30 191
Photo: Mattias Ek.

Memorial site for stillborn children

Skogskyrkogården has anonymous children’s graves, and some of these graves have multiple children buried together. Such burials were usually for stillborn children, who were sent from hospitals to Skogskyrkogården for burial until the 1980s.

Today, there is a memorial site at Skogskyrkogården to honor these children. The memorial site is located at the side entrance next to the subway station. Visitors can sit down, leave flowers, and light candles.