You are always welcome to visit the cemetery and experience the tranquility and beautiful landscape.

You can visit Skogskyrkogården on your own anytime. The gates at the main entrance are open around the clock for those who walk or bike.

Photo: Eva Larsson.

Visitor guide

At the main entrance, you can pick up a free visitor guide with a map of Skogskyrkogården.

Public tours

Why do you stick the key in the eye of a skull to open the Woodland Chapel? Why does the Path of Seven Wells look the way it does? What is the idea behind the chapel’s beautiful floor?

You can learn all this and more by joining a guided tour of Skogskyrkogården. Most tours take place during the summer months.

Private tours

Schedule a private tour with one of our authorised Skogskyrkogården guides.

Visit the chapels with a guide

Skogskyrkogården’s five chapels are in constant use and are not open to the public. To see some of the chapels and interiors, you can join a public guided tour or book a private tour.

View the chapels online

You can also take a 360-degree panoramic view of all the chapels online. Go to the page for the chapel you are interested in:

Skogskyrkogården is our common place

Skogskyrkogården should be a beautiful experience for everyone. Here we should be able to share the beauty and silence. Think about life and death. Or just be, alone or together.

It is a very important place for people attending a funeral, grieving, or visiting graves. Therefore, it is important that you as a visitor show consideration to everyone:

  • Show great respect for grieving visitors — they need peace and quiet. 
  • Always keep your distance to chapels if you see that there is an ongoing funeral.
  • Keep your distance from people gathered for a ceremony by a grave.
  • Chapels are only open for ceremonies and guided tours. Do not enter even if the door is open.

  • You may bring your dog on a leash. But remember that Skogskyrkogården is not a dog park.
  • You are welcome to photograph the site for your own use but never disturb mourners, ceremonies, or burials. For all other photography or filming, you need permission. 

Visit on your own