1912 Acquisition of 85 hectares for an extended South Cemetery

1914 International architectural competition

1915 Competition won by Gunnar Asplund and Sigurd Lewerentz with their ‘Tallum’ concept

1916 Adaption of the competition entry’s landscape and chapel plans

1917 Start of construction, landscaping and a small chapel

1920 Inauguration of the new South Cemetery with its Woodland Chapel by Gunnar Asplund

1921 The South Cemetery changes its name to Skogskyrkogården and Sandsborg Cemetery

1923 Walled garden opened (now the Visitors Centre)

1923 Start of construction of the wall around the cemetery

1925 Inauguration of the Chapel of Resurrection by Sigurd Lewerentz

1931 Completion of the crematorium in the chapel of the Sandsborg Cemetery (in use until 1940)

1932 Wall finished after 10 years of public works: 3.78 km-long

1930-35 The entry landscape and Almhöjden (Meditation Grove) are created. Architect: Sigurd Lewerentz

1936 A large chapel crematorium commissioned. Gunnar Asplund sole architect

1940 Inauguration of the Woodland Crematorium with 3 chapels. Architect: Gunnar Asplund

1940 Gunnar Asplund dies in October

1951 Freedom of worship becomes law

1957 Service buildings outside the Chapel of Resurrection. Architect: Sigurd Lewerentz

1961 Remembrance Garden inaugurated. Architect: Sigurd Lewerentz

1972 Extension of southern section. Architect Jan Wahlman. The wall now 4.2 km-long

1994 The Woodland Cemetery selected as World Heritage Site No. 558

1995 Woodland Cemetery awarded the international landscaping prize, Carlo Scarpa per il Giardino

1999 Actress Greta Garbo is buried south of the Woodland Chapel

2009 Competition for the new Woodland Crematorium. Winner Johan Celsing with ‘A Stone in the Forest’

2013 The new Woodland Crematorium awarded the Kasper Sahlin Prize

2014—2015 Inauguration and opening of the new Woodland Crematorium

2020 Woodland Cemetery celebrates 100 years