Private tours and groups

Folksamling vid Granitkorset
Photo: Susanne Hallmann.

Skogskyrkogården is a mesmerising experience any time of the year. If you have any special interests, or wish to see any particular interiors, then you should schedule a private tour with one of our authorised Skogskyrkogården guides.

A regular tour of the World Heritage Skogskyrkogården takes the visitor for a two-hour art, culture and architecture walk through the landscape, along with access to one or more chapels, based on availability and the visitor’s wishes.

The tour is available in English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Japanese.

There is also a possibility of booking a tour with particular emphasis on architecture, art, funerals, greenery et cetera. The Skogskyrkogården can also be viewed from a queer perspective.

Booking and prices

You can book guided tours via the Stockholm City Museum, by calling +46 (0)8-508 316 20 or sending an e-mail to More information on prices is found at the Stockholm City Museum website.

Stockholm City Museum website

Tours for children and young people

We also give tours talking about the World Heritage Skogskyrkogården, UNESCO’s work, other world heritage sites and the idea of peace from a children’s education perspective.

School tours

Visitors Center

At the Visitors Center, you can see the exhibitions, have a look in the book shop or sit down for a cup of coffee. 

Visitors Center