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Landskap med en liten dam, ett stort granitkors och en höjd med almträd.
Photo: Susanne Hallmann.

We are keen for all of our visitors to experience the Skogskyrkogården as a beautiful common space, and a place for reflection.

We therefore ask that everyone adheres to the regulations, and that you endeavour to ensure that your tour group shows respect for grieving visitors as well as for ongoing ceremonies and burials.

We are happy to help you organise a visit

With our authorised guides, your group gets access to the world-unique chapel interiors, which are otherwise only open for ceremonies. The viewings can be adapted in terms of time and content, and brings the visitor on an architectural tour of the World Heritage site Skogskyrkogården. Find out more about contents and how to book a group tour:

Reserved tours and groups 

The Visitors Center is free of charge and is open daily throughout the spring and summer, including the book shop, exhibition, café, free Wi-Fi and toilets. Our hosts will guide the visitors to exhibition and facilities.

Visitors Center

We do not recommend group visits without an accompanying Skogskyrkogården guide, as it will interrupt logistics inside the burial area, which can be perceived as disruptive. Contact us, so we can plan your visit together., telephone: +46 (0)8-508 316 20


It is not permitted to park buses that block the main entrance at Sockenvägen or the view towards the burial site. Nor is it permitted to park the bus with the engine running inside the area. We refer you to the parking spaces outside the wall on Sockenvägen. Guests then continue on foot through the entrance, where they will be met with an amazing view and get to experience the cemetery’s characteristic call.

What else is going on in Stockholm?

When you come to the Visitors Center, we are happy to help with tips on other experiences and destinations in the Stockholm region. See for yourself what is happening, and what may suit your group:

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Guided tours in several languages

Our guides can guide you around Skogskyrkogården in several different languages. Prior to the visit, you can also download our visitors guide in English, Japanese, Italian, German, French or Spanish.

Visitors guide & Audio guide