Almhöjden is a place for a view of the landscape and forest, as well as a place for rest and reflection.

Photo: Susanne Hallmann.

Almhöjden is a meditation grove that can be seen just to the right from the main entrance.

Almhöjden and the surrounding landscape were completed around 1935. The hill is a natural part of the ridge that runs through the area. The low wall on top of the hill with the elm trees and the staircase was designed by Sigurd Lewerentz.

You reach the top of the hill via a long staircase that follows the shape of the hill. The steps become lower as you go higher. The idea is that it should feel less heavy to reach the top of the hill.

Steps leading up to Almhöjden. Photo: Susanne Hallmann.


Parking spaces are available on Gunnar Asplunds väg below the memorial grove. The parking is free of charge but limited to maximum 4 hours.