The Woodland Crematorium

The Woodland Crematorium is the largest building at Skogskyrkogården, with three chapels and a monument hall. The crematorium is no longer in use.

John Lundkvist’s sculpture ‘The Resurrection’. Photo: Mattias Ek.

The main building, which includes chapels and the now disused crematorium, was originally intended to be the first building of the cemetery. However, due to primarily economic reasons, it was postponed.

Lewerentz was removed from the project

Architects Sigurd Lewerentz and Gunnar Asplund worked together on the building until 1936. At that point, Stockholm city gave the assignment solely to Gunnar Asplund. Modernist architecture had become popular, and the entire facility was to be functional and efficient.

A building with a front and back

The Woodland Crematorium is discreetly located on the side of the open landscape. The three chapels Faith, Hope and the Holy Cross are located on the front side facing the landscape. The old disused crematorium and practical areas are located at the back.

Soft modernism

The style of the building is a soft modernism typical of Gunnar Asplund in the 1930s. The interior of the three chapels is designed by Asplund and made of various materials such as stone, ceramics, wood, glass, and metal.

The Monument Hall

The large open Monument Hall in front of The Chapel of the Holy Cross is a gathering place but also an extra space for very large ceremonies. The glass wall facing The Monument Hall can be opened by lowering it into the floor.