Tallum Pavilion/Visitors Center

When Skogskyrkogården opened in 1920, there was a need for premises for those who worked in the landscape and chapel, as well as for tools and machinery.

Photo: Mattias Ek.

Architect Gunnar Asplund and his assistants designed the building “Ekonomigården” which was completed in 1923. It had lockers, changing rooms, dining rooms, laundry rooms, and rooms for tools and seeds. In the middle of the building is a small room with a dome in the ceiling. It was used as an office where salaries were distributed to workers among other things. The “Ekonomigården” was later renamed the Tallum pavilion.

Gunnar Asplund’s drawing for the “Ekonomigården”. Archive: ArkDes.

Today a visitors center

Today, there are more modern workspaces opposite the Tallumpaviljongen with garages for various machines. When Skogskyrkogården became a world heritage site, a visitor center was needed. The pavilion was then converted into an exhibition space and café, Visitors Center, which is open during the summer.

Visitors Center