The Memorial Garden

The ashes of the cremated are buried in Skogskyrkogården’s memorial grove.

Photo: Mattias Ek.

The Remembrance Garden is located on a separate hill to the right of the main entrance. It is the only area on the site where you are only allowed to walk on paths.

Architect Sigurd Lewerentz’s memorial grove was completed in 1961. Later, architects Göran Bergquist and Jan Wahlman created a pond with stones at the top of the hill. There are benches and space for flowers here.

Photo: Mattias Ek.

Remembrance garden

A remembrance garden is a place where the ashes of a cremated person are buried/interred. The ashes are buried by an employee with no relatives present. The idea is that the ashes should return to the ground and nature. Instead of a grave to visit, there is a common place to leave flowers.

Ash grave sites

There are several different areas with ash grave sites at Skogskyrkogården.

Many relatives want a grave site to visit. Then you can choose ash grave sites that are a common area with individual and small ash graves. In each ash grave, the ashes are placed in a nice bag. On top of or near the ash grave, a plaque with the deceased’s name is placed.