Seven Springs Way

En lång stig med en byggnad i slutet av den.
Seven Springs Way. Photo: Mikael Almehag.

At a length of 888 metres, the stunning Seven Springs Way runs straight from the meditation grove to the Chapel of Resurrection.

Running along an old boundary line that existed in 1915 when work started on Skogskyrkogården, the path is intended for mourners to follow when attending a funeral service at the Chapel of Resurrection. The path is lined with weeping birches, then ordinary birches, followed by pines and finally spruces. The idea behind the different trees is that the path becomes increasingly dark, the further along the mourners go, causing them to become more and more melancholy as they approach the chapel.

Chapel of Resurrection

After the ceremony, the mourners are led out of the chapel’s west door and take a different path back. This leads down into a dip, so that the mourners can be drawn into a different mood and return to their normal lives.